Every Year if you scan the internet for the damages caused by Ransomware, the cost to businesses is more than quadrupling year over year. Predictions from various agencies and researchers put the total number anywhere from $15-20 Billion this year to $250-300 Billion in 2030.

This could mean that every second or every two seconds there will be an attack for Ransomware, and it’s much closer than you think, since every device that’s connected to the Internet can be talked to, and can be controlled remotely.

When it comes to Ransomware protection there are different approaches:

  • Blocking and Tackling
  • Data-Backups
  • Folder protection

Blocking threats by known signature and detecting them early, is an age old and effective way. However newer malware is sometime undetected. Backing Up your data works most of the time, however sometimes Malware can get to your back ups or completely encrypt or wipe your data. Adding permissions on which program can get to your Folder could be effective but is not user friendly and can slow down your business response. This is why adding an extra layer of protection is necessary to quickly get to your data and sensitive files in case especially in the case of a Zero-Day attack when something new slips through the crack

Our Unique Approach to Ransomware Protection

We partner with the best when it comes to adapting a novel way of creating Ransomware protection to protect and recover in minutes with a “simple click of a button” methodology. Compromised systems with sensitive data are instantly recovered and up and running cutting down on huge downtime, loss of business productivity and data recovery times

  • Protection Shield: Get back up and running in minutes after a ransomware attack, by creating a protective shield between your files and applications. When ransomware or other application tries to make changes, the original files stay intact allowing users to revert any unwanted change that has been made.
  • Time and IO: Save on back up and recovery times, as well as disk IO with instant recovery of your data
  • MBR Protection: In addition, the boot portion (MBR) of your drive is monitored to prevent aggressive types of ransomware and disk wiper malware from overwriting the boot record or leaving the device unable to boot. Raw disk access is also monitored to prevent wipers and malicious ransomware programs from destroying or encrypting your drive

Recommendations and Remedy:

We offer extensive compatibility with most existing antivirus and endpoint security products. This allows you to run our partner’s product alongside your existing security products to fortify and add an extra layer of security to your computer and protect important data.

Pay as little as $19.99 Per Year Per Node (3yr contract required)


Financial, Consumer, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare – Pharma/Medical, Retail, Education- Schools and Colleges, Government, Real-Estate, Automobiles & Transportation, Oil and Gas, and more.

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