A vulnerability assessment is the process of outlining and highlighting vulnerabilities in various applications, computer systems and network infrastructures. Vulnerability assessments allow the management conducting the assessment to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to understand and react to threats within the environment. Vulnerability assessments are used to assess an organization’s current security practices and procedures, making sure that they are up to par with cybersecurity industry standards.

SumCube’s Vulnerability Assessment has the ability to recognize relevant vulnerabilities that could result in a compromised system or data breach.


  • All Vulnerability Assessment tests are not created equally!
    • We conduct Vulnerability testing through systemic customized diagnostics based on the understanding of an environment’s individual configuration.
  • Step by step process:
    • Reconnaissance: A deep dive into the workings of the client’s available systems on their network to understand what makes it tick
    • Vulnerability Assessment: A comprehensive analysis to help identify faulty systems, outdated software, or other points of attack that leveraged and used against a client’s network or system
    • Action: Our Testing experts carefully review for weak points of the network or system and localize those points onto the client system.
    • Threat Determination: After conducting a series of personalized vulnerability tests, data is collected to determine the likelihood of an attack occurring

Recommendations and Remedy: Careful documentation of a client’s security environment will be utilized to recommend the necessary steps to address those shortcomings


Financial, Consumer, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare – Pharma/Medical, Retail, Education- Schools and Colleges, Government, Real-Estate, Automobiles & Transportation, Oil and Gas, and more.

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