As more companies embrace the Internet for information, presence and commerce, Data and Network security is a huge concern among CIO’s. Protecting web resources or your network infrastructure can be a daunting task considering that Small to Medium size companies have limited resources for the IT infrastructure as they focus on marketing and sales growth.

Cyber breach activities have been increasing and the Financial Impact (Studies have shown an increase of 40% over the past 3 years) is something that cannot be ignored by any company, irrespective of their size. At SumCube, we consider identifying possible threats, developing a plan of defense and finally combatting the attack.

Our Penetration Testing Service has the ability to identify and document vulnerabilities that could result in a compromised system or data breach.


Make sure that you are compliant and audit ready with the compliance requirements of regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, NERC CIP, PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA and more.


  • All penetration tests are not created equally!
    • We conduct penetration testing (aka Ethical Hacking as we seek management approvals before launching a test) through systemic customized diagnostics tools based on the understanding of a individual customer configuration.
  • Step by step process:
    • Reconnaissance: A deep dive into the workings of the client’s available systems on their network to understand what makes it tick
    • Pen Test Methods: We launch a pen test based on client’s requirements, could be Black Box (where we have zero knowledge of their inner workings), White Box (where all internal info is known beforehand) and Grey Box (where part of the network or source info is disclosed)
    • Pen Test Vulnerability Exploit & Analysis: A comprehensive analysis to help identify faulty systems, outdated software, or other points of attack that leveraged and used against a client’s network or system
    • Action: Our Testing experts carefully review for weak points of the network or system and localize those points onto the client system.
    • Threat Determination: After conducting a series of personalized vulnerability tests, data is collected to determine the likelihood of an attack occurring

Recommendations and Remedy: Careful documentation of a client’s security environment will be utilized to recommend the necessary steps to address those shortcomings

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