SumCube Secure Technology was created with the idea of summing-up customer Cyber Security requirements one customer at a time, and offering a product, solution or service that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Today when work from home has become the norm, it creates opportunities and challenges to your networking infrastructure.

We offer Cyber security consultation that helps determine what companies need to work on to secure their infrastructure and data needs. We also are working on tools such as network penetration tests that help determine the security strength of your network. SumCube Secure Technology also offers various cyber security products that help securing your network, data and internal as well as external customers.

TeamWork Rules!

Sumcube has team members with an average of 14 years in the IT Industry. Consisting of CTO, CMO, Program Directors, Staff Engineers, System Architects, Programmers, QA Assurance, Support directors and more.


Headquartered in Orange County, Southern California, SumCube Secure Technology offers customers the unbeatable advantage of proximity to the technological hub of North America, and accessibility to all of Americas.

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