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Web Design & Maintenance

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Web Design & Maintenance

Get ready for the data explosion in the Cloud and Mobile space.We offer customized design and maintenance of your web needs whether it’s for mobile applications or just plain old web. Companies around the world are scrambling to get ready to embrace the mobile and social networking revolution. Even if you have your website, there are still tweaks needed that could require a full time position or a dedicated team to maintain.

SumCube Software Services are the right solution to offer the following benefits:

  • Easy web design and maintenance
  • Mobile designs Gets you ready for the social media revolution
  • Flexibility to change designs
  • Cost savings
  • Unlimited updates with select Web maintenance package

Markets served:

Financial, Consumer, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare – Pharma/Medical, Retail, Education- Schools and Colleges, Government, Real-Estate, Automobiles & Transportation, Oil and Gas, and more

Expertise In Web Technologies
  • VB,
  • PHP,Perl,
  • Joomla,Drupal,WORDPRESS,
  • Magento,
  • AWS or Amazon Web Service,
  • J2EE,Java Swing,JSON,
  • JDBC,
  • JSP Servlets,
  • Cold Fusion,
  • Flash,
  • XHTML,CSS,JavaScript,AJAX,
  • JPA Spring Hibernate,
  • Struts ,
  • n-hibernate,
  • Visual Basic and C#,
  • OS Commerce.
Expertise in Databases
  • MS-Access,
  • MySQL,
  • Oracle,
  • MS SQL,
  • Sybase,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Berkeley DB,
  • DB2,
  • Filemaker.
Expertise in Servers
  • Linux,
  • WebSphere,
  • i-Planet,
  • Postfix,
  • Apache,
  • Tomcat,
  • IIS,
  • Oracle 9iAS,
  • Subversion,
  • JRun
Other Integration tools
  • Eclipse,
  • JBuilder,
  • Visual Studio.NET,
  • Sun Java Studio,
  • Siebel,
  • CrystalReport,
  • Oracle Report Writer,
  • Oracle Discoverer,
  • BPML,
  • BizTalk,
  • ebXML

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