Software Services 

Get ready for the Mobile and Cloud data explosion and transition. Focus on your IT Strategy, and take the stress out of your IT Implementation while improving your bottom-line.  Ideally suited for small to mid-size businesses that have just enough resources to plan and strategize their next big IT move, and very little time to worry about implementation. Larger corporations that are looking to cut costs (outsourcing or subcontracting) can benefit from our maintenance services.

SumCube’s Software services are here to help you make that transition providing you numerous advantages:

  • Customized solutions at costs that are lower than in-house implementation
  • High reliability with domain expertise
  • US based management
  • Save on project costs and get higher ROI
  • Develop Platforms that keep you ahead of your Competition

Services Provided:

Web Design & Maintenance, Software Development, Data Migration, Custom Application Development and Data Security

Markets served:

Financial, Consumer, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare – Pharma/Medical, Retail, Education- Schools and Colleges, Government, Real-Estate, Automobiles & Transportation, Oil and Gas, and more.

Expertise In Web Technologies
  • VB,
  • PHP,Perl,
  • Joomla,Drupal,WORDPRESS,
  • Magento,
  • AWS or Amazon Web Service,
  • J2EE,Java Swing,JSON,
  • JDBC,
  • JSP Servlets,
  • Cold Fusion,
  • Flash,
  • XHTML,CSS,JavaScript,AJAX,
  • JPA Spring Hibernate,
  • Struts ,
  • n-hibernate,
  • Visual Basic and C#,
  • OS Commerce.
Expertise in Databases
  • MS-Access,
  • MySQL,
  • Oracle,
  • MS SQL,
  • Sybase,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Berkeley DB,
  • DB2,
  • Filemaker.
Expertise in Servers
  • Linux,
  • WebSphere,
  • i-Planet,
  • Postfix,
  • Apache,
  • Tomcat,
  • IIS,
  • Oracle 9iAS,
  • Subversion,
  • JRun
Other Integration tools
  • Eclipse,
  • JBuilder,
  • Visual Studio.NET,
  • Sun Java Studio,
  • Siebel,
  • CrystalReport,
  • Oracle Report Writer,
  • Oracle Discoverer,
  • BPML,
  • BizTalk,
  • ebXML